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„The ER Group has a highly experienced, highly motivated and extremely well-trained team made up of shipping experts and capital market and financing specialists. The expertise of our employees and their identification with the company is an essential basis for the company’s success.“

The business activities of the traditional, medium-sized ER Group are based on the Shipping segment. The company’s roots date back in part to 1893 when the Ernst Russ Reederei was founded. Today, we consider ourselves a successful investor in futureproof and sustainable ship projects as well as an investment manager, with the aim of generating stable income over the long term in the business area on which our tradition is based.

The services provided by the ER Group cover the full gamut of ship operation, starting with the identification, purchase and financing and insurance of a suitable vessel, the development of an employment strategy and selection of technical operator and crewing company, through to the development and implementation of the right marketing strategy.

Our investments undergo a constant evaluation and monitoring process in which we review on an ongoing basis whether an early sale represents an attractive course of action. The structuring of investment vehicles in line with company law is also a core competence of the ER Group. Our involvement in a globally operating network of maritime services companies, carefully selected by us, enables us to provide high quality support for the relevant vessel type during its ongoing operation. The ER Group regularly takes on the complete range of commercial management itself.