errow-Ernst-Russ “As an important listed company in the international shipping sector we are continuously expanding our existing fleet and securing stable and sustainable earnings and added value for investors and shareholders.“

Shipping is traditionally one of the most important modes of transport on both regional and global trade routes. It will remain indispensable in the future as part of the global infrastructure for functioning world trade. The decision to invest in a future-ready ship is therefore always a good choice as a long-term and sustainable investment in an indispensable economic asset.

The shipping segment forms the centre of the business activities of the Ernst Russ Group. The Group's enduring shipping tradition dates back to 1893, the year in which the shipping company was founded by a native of Hamburg, Ernst Russ. Today, Ernst Russ sees itself as an investor in future-ready and sustainable ship projects - with the aim of generating stable long-term income from the shipping segment. The focus of these activities is on the interests of shareholders and investors to benefit continuously from dividends and increases in value. Access to the capital market as a listed company enables structured access to investment funds and thus forms the foundation for stable growth.

The Ernst Russ Group has a very highly trained and motivated team of capital market and finance specialists who work hand in hand with experienced employees from the maritime sector.