Share Price

Basic Data

Share type No-par registered shares (bearer shares)
Number of shares 32,434,030
Share capital as of 32,434,030.00 EUR
Number of shares authorised for trading on a stock exchange 32,434,030
Market segment Scale (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) / Mittelstandsbörse Germany (Hanseatic Stock Exchange Hamburg)
Exchanges Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Hanseatic Stock Exchange Hamburg
First day of trading / Issue price 06/10/2005 / 20.50 EUR
ISIN DE000A161077
WKN A16107
Stock exchange code HXCK
Reuters HXCKk.DE
Bloomberg HXCK:GR
Common Code 022854488
Designated sponsor ODDO SEYDLER BANK AG

Company Profile

Ernst Russ AG (ISIN DE000A161077) as at 30/09/2020

Company Information

Company Ernst Russ AG
Business Address Elbchaussee 370
22609 Hamburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 40 8888 1-0
Fax.: +49 40 8888 1-441800
Founding Year 1985
Founding Country Germany
End of Financial Year 31.12.
Accounting Standard HGB
Mandatory Consolidation (Yes/No) Yes
Executive Board Robert Gärtner
Member of Supervisory Board Alexander Stuhlmann (Chairman)
Jochen Thomas Döhle
Ingo Kuhlmann
Robert Lorenz-Meyer
Udo Bandow (Honorary Chairman of the Board)
Designated Sponsor ODDO SEYDLER BANK AG

Description of Business

Ernst Russ AG is an internationally operating listed asset and investment manager with a focus on the shipping asset class. The Ernst Russ Group will focus on the further expansion of a recoverable and stable asset portfolio of ships in the container, bulker and tanker classes in future. In addition to its business activities in the Shipping segment, the Ernst Russ Group is active in fund and asset management in the asset classes, Shipping, Real Estate and Alternative Investments. The Ernst Russ Group currently manages a fleet of 70 container ships, tankers, bulk carriers and other vessels. A total of 29 properties are also managed.

Trade and Securities Data

ISIN DE000A161077
Exchanges Xetra, Frankfurt, Hamburg
Designated Sponsor ODDO SEYDLER BANK AG
Number of Shares 32,434,030
Share Capital in EUR 32,434,030.00
Number of Shares Authorised for Trading on a Stock Exchange 32,434,030
Free float 30.2 %
Shareholder Structur
as at 31/12/2019
Döhle Group 38.2 %
Hamburg Commercial Bank AG 16.1 %
JaJo Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG 9.1%
MS 'CORDULA' Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG 6.4 %
Free float 30.2%

Key Figures

Key Figures Ernst Russ Group (HGB)

Year Revenue in Mio. EUR Operating earnings in Mio. EUR* Earnings before taxes (EBT) in Mio. EUR* Consolidated net income in Mio. EUR Average number of employees
2016 40.0 3.3 10.2 6.2 287
2017 44.0 3.9 9.3 5.6 233
2018 52.7 3.8 6.1 6.2 180
2019 58.8 4.0 3.5 1.5 113

*According to commercial criteria

Shareholder Structure

Shareholder Structure Ernst Russ AG

Shareholder Structure as at 30/06/2020