All Performance Components over the Chain of Maritime Creation

The long-standing shipping tradition of the Ernst Russ Group dates back to 1893 when Hamburg-based businessman, Ernst Russ, first established his shipping company. Today, Ernst Russ offers structured shipping investments to professional and institutional investors and also makes significant investments in such projects itself on a regular basis.

Ernst Russ collaborates with investors to develop an investment concept in line with their requirements. It includes the selection of a suitable vessel, the development of an asset employment strategy, the finance structuring and the choice of an appropriate service provider to operate the particular type of ship at a later date.

Once an investment has been made, Ernst Russ as the asset manager works closely with investors to ensure that the investment strategy is implemented.

Ernst Russ and its professional and experienced team are part of a wide network of leading global shipping companies which also have strong ties to North Germany, a location steeped in shipping tradition. This means that investors can always access tailor-made combinations of all manner of maritime services for their individual projects.

As an asset manager, the Ernst Russ Group currently manages a fleet of around 90 container ships, tankers, bulk carriers and other vessels.